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VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd is part of Finland’s innovation system and operates under the mandate of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. VTT is the largest internationally networked R&D centre for applied research in Northern Europe, harnessing multiple high technologies to develop scientific solutions for sustainable development and creating new business opportunities. In 2016 VTT had a staff of 2,400, net turnover of 188 M€, and other operational income of 81 M€. Key expertise and infrastructure relevant for the project include design, fabrication and characterization of different solid-state devices and systems including superconductive devices.

Main tasks in the project

VTT’s role in OpenSuperQ is to develop and provide solutions to qubit chip packaging and integration, as well as to develop ultra-low-noise amplifiers for the qubit state readout.

VTT’s will develop through-wafer silicon vias and flip-chip bonding for the 3D integrated qubit package. Furthermore, VTT will design, fabricate and test wide-band travelling wave parametric amplifiers (TWPAs) for quantum-limited readout using its established industrial-level multi-layer superconducting device fabrication line.


Expertise of staff members involved

Dr Visa Vesterinen

Dr Visa Vesterinen is a postdoctoral researcher who received his M. Sc. (Tech.) and D. Sc. (Tech.) in Engineering Physics at Aalto University in 2010 and 2015, respectively. In his Ph. D., he studied microwave-coupled superconducting circuits for sensing and quantum information processing. His current research topics include Josephson parametric amplifiers and superconducting sensors for biomagnetism.

Leif Grönberg

Leif Grönberg is Senior Scientist at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Ltd. His is involved in superconducting device process development and device fabrication, including biomagnetism MEG, THz detectors, Josephson devices, etc.

Kestutis Grigoras
Kestutis Grigoras

Kestutis Grigoras received the Ph.D. degree from Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania, in 1992. Since 2011 he is working as a Senior Scientist in the Nanoelectronics team, VTT. He is a co-author of over 50 articles in refereed international journals and more than 30 presentations at international conferences. His current fields of interest cover atomic layer deposition (including superconducting TiN layer), energy storage at microscale, porous silicon formation and applications, IR-nanobolometers.

Slawomir Simbierowicz
Slawomir Simbierowicz

Slawomir Simbierowicz is a Research Scientist who has been working at VTT since the beginning of 2016 and received his M.Sc. (Tech.) in Engineering Physics at Aalto University in the same year. His primary focus since then has been Josephson parametric amplifiers leading to his expertise in cryogenic radio-frequency measurements

Dr Joonas Govenius
Dr Joonas Govenius

Dr Joonas Govenius is VTT’s project manager for OpenSuperQ. He has broad experience in superconducting electronics, microwave technology and detector physics, with previous work on both computational and design tasks as well as an extensive range of fabrication and measurement efforts. His current areas of focus are superconducting electronics, both classical and quantum, and the integration of superconducting components in silicon photonic circuits.