The Next Generation of Qubit Control: SHFSG Signal Generator from Zurich Instruments

Another success story for OpenSuperQ as partner Zurich Instruments launch their newest product – the SHFSG Signal Generator

On Thursday 29th April, OpenSuperQ partner Zurich Instruments hosted an online launch event to introduce their newest product, the SHFSG Signal Generator. The SHFSG produces qubit control signals in the frequency range from DC to 8.5 GHz with a spurious-free modulation bandwidth of 1 GHz. It eliminates the need for mixer calibration and saves time on system tune-up. This innovative instrument has been tested and benchmarked with partners in OpenSuperQ. The launch event highlighted the most relevant features and specifications of the SHFSG, as well as its internal superheterodyne technique for frequency up-conversion and how this approach can make a difference in a quantum computing experiment.

During the event, Zurich Instruments also discussed the following topics:

For more information and to watch the recording of the launch event, check the following links:

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