Talk on TEDxSavyon by OpenSuperQ Partner Dr Shai Machnes

We are at a dawn of a quantum computing revolution which will ultimately revolutionise chemistry, physics, medicine, artificial intelligence and more. Dr Shai Machnes, post-doc and member of the OpenSuperQ working group at Saarland University, gave a TEDx talk on quantum computing in Israel. In the session entitled "Quantum computers - a revolution in the making", Shai provided some lucid and candid insights into quantum computing and the OpenSuperQ project which you can listen to on YouTube.

Dr Shai Machnes is a physicist specialising in algorithmic optimisation and control of quantum systems. Born in Israel, Shai served for 5 years in the Israeli navy as a computer programmer. After spending a few years in the internet startup world, he earned his Ph.D. in Physics from Tel-Aviv University.