Status Update from the OpenSuperQ project

After having successfully passed its mid-term review the OpenSuperQ consortium is well on track and has achieved its intermediate goals, most of which are of technical nature.

OpenSuperQ has established quantum gate operations with state-of-the art errors in multiple laboratories. The measurement and cryogenics systems of OpenSuperQ that can hold 100 qubits are ready and the central laboratory is rapidly building up. A suite of benchmarks from quantum chemistry has been brought forward along with a software stack, allowing calibrating and optimising operation of large quantum processors.

Two-qubit gates
OpenSuperQ has achieved competitive fidelities above 99 percent allowing maximal flexibility in selecting the final two-qubit gates. This can be considered the technical benchmark that has limited performance of current quantum processors and resembles the strategy of Google when moving to their quantum supremacy results.

Integration roadmap
One step closer to the final OpenSuperQ machine: The researchers demonstrated the capabilities of a seven-qubit-machine with scalable hardware and software components for the targeted quantum algorithm.

Development of the central laboratory
The central quantum computing laboratory is ramping up and has started to play a decisive role as a system integrator.

The OpenSuperQ user and science boards are expanding, demonstrating both the depth of the European quantum community and the strong industry and user interest. Nearly 180 press articles reported about OpenSuperQ and 10 interviews on the project have been broadcast by (inter)national radio- and TV stations so far. Additionally, OpenSuperQ partners participated in 85 events addressing different target groups (e.g. scientific community, investors, policy makers).