Second OpenSuperQ Progress Meeting

The OpenSuperQ project has recently completed its second year and on 15th January 2021, the OpenSuperQ consortium met virtually to hold their 2nd Progress Meeting. The meeting had been due to be held during autumn 2020 in Finland, however due to COVID-19 it was postponed and it was eventually decided to proceed with a virtual progress meeting instead. The successful progress meeting attracted almost 100 participants from all over the world, including all three Scientific Advisory Board members, as well as several User Board and Science Board members. The focus of the meeting was on the project progress in the last 9 months. During the welcome by Coordinator Frank Wilhelm-Mauch (Forschungszentrum Jülich), many technical accomplishments were highlighted:

In addition to the technical achievements, a number of exploitation success stories have also already emerged:

The introduction was followed by status updates for each of the Work Packages, showing their latest achievements. After catching-up on the work done to date, an in-depth discussion and feedback round with all the Board members was organised. The Board members offered helpful advice and critique which will be taken onboard by the OpenSuperQ team for future action points. General consensus from the Boards was that, despite the challenging goal of 100 qubits, overall, the project is showing good progress and the accomplishments and collaboration between the partners was commended. The importance of having high performance, flexibility, and sustainable architecture versus bare number of qubits was highlighted.