OpenSuperQ on the Road

After a Covid-19 induced break the OpenSuperQ partners are slightly intensifying their dissemination activities again and will represent the OpenSuperQ project at several (online) events in the upcoming months. They will contribute to these events both as participants as well as in the form of talks and workshops.

So, save the dates and (e-)meet our project partners at the following occasions!

Quantum Industry Day - Online

Among other high-profile speakers OpenSuperQ partners Saarland University (Prof. Frank Wilhelm-Mauch) and Zurich Instruments (Sadik Hafizovic, CEO & Co-founder) will join the Quantum Industry Day on October 2, 2020 as invited speakers. With a programme covering the areas of quantum computing, quantum sensing, quantum instrumentation and quantum communication, the Quantum Industry Day gathers academic and industrial R&D to foster exchange and accelerate the development of new quantum products.
For more information and registration details, please visit the Quantum Industry Day event website.

Virtual IEEE Quantum Week (QCE20)

On October 13, 2020 Tobias Thiele, Moritz Kirste and Vikrant Mahajan from Zurich Instruments as well as OpenSuperQ coordinator Frank Wilhelm-Mauch will organise a workshop on Architectural Guidelines and Best Practices for Scalable Circuit QED Quantum Computing at the virtual IEEE Quantum Week.
For more information please visit the event website or the Zurich Instruments website or refer to the official QCE20 press release.

737th WE-Heraeus-Seminar on ‘Advances in Scalable Hardware Platforms for Quantum Computing’

Scientifically co-organized by OpenSuperQ coordinator Frank Wilhelm-Mauch, the 737th WE-Heraeus-Seminar on ‘Advances in Scalable Hardware Platforms for Quantum Computing’ will take place January 10-13, 2021 in Bad Honnef, Germany. The seminar will concentrate on the three main potentially scalable quantum architectures — ion traps, spin qubits in quantum dots, and superconducting qubits. It will focus on recent hardware developments made in these fields in the business sector, which has grown rapidly in the recent past, and at university and government labs.
For more information on this event please visit the event webpage.